History of Ireland

Professor Franks's CD is available!

Professor Franks finally felt inspired to record the well-attended talk he gives at the Law Center each St. Patrick's Day.  The beautiful result is a CD called The History of Ireland in Word and Song, and it is now available at better stores and from CD Baby.

Learn the history of slavery, from ancient Rome to the Civil War South.  Discover in this touching mix of word and song (and inform your friends and family) just what the Irish are all about.  The songs are arranged and sung by Danny O'Flaherty, with a powerful text written and narrated by Maurice Franks.  Moving and brilliant!

The CD features a beautiful cover designed in Ireland by Helen Gavigan of Galway.

Produced by Hy-Brasyl Productions, Inc., under the auspices of the Celtic Nations Heritage Foundation of Louisiana.  Manufactured in U.S.A.

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