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Welcome to the Realm of ExStellis!

You are in the Forecourt of the castle.

You have successfully crossed the drawbridge and passed under the portcullis.  As you stand just beyond the portcullis (for it is unhealthy to loiter under portcullises), you look out upon the castle's forecourt, an entry courtyard from which you may proceed to any of several areas of the castle.

This is the main menu, hereinafter known as the Forecourt.  Please scroll down.

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A word about the Realm

"Ex Stellis" in Latin literally means "from the stars," and refers to the full motto, "Ut in Stellis Iustitia," which means, "There is justice even in the stars."  This motto is part of the Franks coat of arms specifically granted to this web site's owner and immediate family (and posthumously to his late father and grandfather) by the Chief Herald of Ireland, empowered by act of parliament to grant and assign on behalf of the Government of Ireland armorial bearings to worthy citizens of Ireland.  No one else - not even others with the surname 'Franks' - has any right to use a coat of arms so granted.  The above coat of arms and motto have been registered as a service mark.

Please scroll down, reading as you go, and enter the appropriate area of the castle.


Terms and conditions of use

Trademark and service mark rights are claimed in the Franks coat of arms and in the mottoes "Ut in Stellis Iustitia" and "Ex Stellis."  Copyright likewise is claimed in the said coat of arms and all related seals, flags and heraldic devices, in the said mottoes, and in all photographs, resumes, curricula vitae and writings displayed on this site (other than works specifically credited to or copyrighted by other persons such as other authors, poets or publishers).

This is a general and freely available site.  Information provided hereon does not constitute advice, legal or otherwise, on any particular matter.  Persons with legal, medical or other problems should seek professional, individual advice in a face-to-face setting with a licensed lawyer, doctor or other professional person in the relevant field.

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Welcome to the Forecourt.

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